All my shrimps' names are Bruce

I bought the shrimp on Friday! They are just lil' babies. In addition to the five rili shrimp that I bought, the guy gave me three tinier ones for free and a little java moss! So I have 8 little shrimp babies!

I saw Grommy flare for the first time, and haha he doesn't even flare that big though... haha lil baby
When I woke up on Saturday, I took Grommy out and watched my shrimp push each other into the tank from the quarantine cube. They took forever. I did this all before my morning pee, and I think that shows that I am really dedicated to take care of my pets before my morning pee.

I think they're all molting and hiding today because I found an empty shell, and I read that they synchronize their molting. Aww yay lil' babies! They'll be full grown in a month or two or so..

Grimoire is in a temporary bowl ..again, but I bought him a new tank yesterday and it's DOUBLE THE SIZE of his old one.
So if he can stay alive after the new tank is done cycling, he will have that tank! I also got him some kuhli loaches to be his friends. They're in one of the tanks in the garage. but I'm so, so, so, so sad for Grimoire. He's my lil' puppy

5 Marimo ball
A plant (preferably fast-growing and hardy)
a bunch of rocks
some big white rock
API 5in1 test kit
some more filter cartridges before I run out
algae wafers !!!!

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one of my marimo is floating!

I've been waiting for this forever! I usually roll them over leftover food or poop because they are good at picking it up.


Just like Katamari Damacy! Then I pick them up and clean them outside of the tank. Then I put one back and it started floating!


I like when bubbles come out of it. It's floating in a circle with the current. This will make it rounder. They float and roll a


lot in the wild. My pennywort is growing really good too! I counted nine new sprouts! Soon it will be a lush forest.


I'm thinking of adding flame moss to the right side of the quartz. I found a guy in Makiki selling rili shrimp, and I really want some!


The shrimp can hide in the moss and eat the algae. They'll clean the marimo! This marimo is just tippytoeing.


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Photo0551.jpgfinally picked the debris off the moss I collected. I took the pieces out of their aquarium so that I could put a layer of activated charcoal underneath (to absorb odors and other substances/to prevent mold).

Photo0550.jpg here's all my stuff!! I put some of it in a little bottle (filled with black sand and charcoal too) for a surprise gift for Radha! shhhhh

and here is my Gandalf shrine. That picture is on iron-on paper, and I'm going to make a shirt for Mykle since it's his 22nd bday today. I also have to make one for Rose Photo0558.jpgfor when we all go see the Hobbit! and for Reece because he wants one with Gandalf smoking with Bilbo. /that's a reminder for myself/

and the pink box has my lil' moss cake inside. that's my first

Aaand my pennywort have about 5 new sprouts! They are growing quickly! One is maybe a little more than 2 cm?

hey important news! I got a job too!!

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I love you, goat


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I got a new bunch of pennywort three days ago! I also got a zebra loach, but we took him out and put him somewhere else...
This picture is from Christmas Eve, and the bottom is from today:
They grow towards the sun! I'll plant them in the substrate later, but I just wanna watch its roots. P.S. My marimo are lumpy

When the loach was in, Grom liked to guard the marimo a lot I don't think he liked the new buddy... But he's happy again now that it's gone!
He likes to swim back and forth into the current (I cut a water bottle to reduce the flow). And every time I look at him, he swims straight up to my face!!!!!! And he follows my finger now but I only do that before I feed him
Today, I sifted the sand with a chopstick, and Grom kept following it and looking super close and getting in my way, silly puppy

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